Thursday, March 02, 2006

someone somewhere in summertime

I have the coolest hairstylist in the world. Really. Not only does she make me look fabulous on a regular basis, and not only is she one of the most down to earth and amazing people I know BUT she also recently gave me a bunch of iTunes gift certificates, allowing me to download to my heart's content. Oh yeah. And, since we regularly reminisce about our fave bands and songs from the 80s, and since she's invited me to go to Mod Club in a few weeks (and I'm beyond excited!!) I decided to use my new-found wealth to download some of my fave tracks/albums from my tender years. Yeah, so tonight it's New Gold Dream from Simple Minds. I have that album - on gold vinyl, no less. And I still love Jim Kerr. And so does Kim, and that's what initially brought us closer - the love for Jim AND the disbelief that he was with Chrissy Hynde. And really, what's up with that? Did she intimidate him into being with her? I mean, he could have had me - and actually, let's be honest, he still could. And I'm WAY nicer, and not so into the black eyeliner as to be So Jim, if you're reading this, give me a call!

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