Thursday, March 02, 2006


I love my job. I seriously do. Sometimes though, I get in a state where I wonder "oh my gosh, what am I doing here?? and how did I get here??" (with apologies to David Byrne) And by here I don't necessarily mean *here* - as in the actual location - I mean HERE - as in libraryworld. Libraryworld is a strange and wondrous place, and occasionally I feel alienated from it. More about that in another post. I'm sure everyone, no matter their profession goes through the "how did I end up here and not someplace else? and do I even want to be here?" thing on a fairly regular basis. It's only natural. And as much as I get the feeling I've lost the plot every so often, it was so not that way this week, as my very rewarding job became even more...well...very rewarding. No, I've not yet been made permanent; and no, I didn't get a pay increase. So - what were the things that thrilled me to the core this week? Well. Firstly, I was asked to do some research. Yep, *real* research. Not the "well this might come in handy some day so why don't you spend some time checking it out" sort of research. But the "we need this stuff within two weeks because this can have a direct effect on the bottom line and the way we look at things in this company" research. Wow. And of course this is so the kind of thing that should be given to the corporate librarian - I just keep forgettting that it's me. Cool.

And now, item number two on my thrill-o-meter this week was...oh entire year's worth of a particular journal that I ordered, arrived in one day! I swear I squealed with excitement as I opened the package. Now, how can that possibly be thrilling I can hear you all asking. Well, just know this - my library is a sad, sad place. Oh yes, it has journals - most of the subscriptions ended circa 1992. Don't even talk to me about electronic journal article databases. Oh yes, it has books - most of the books are c1976. So - when e-L receives the 4 issues of the 2005 South East Asia Iron & Steel Institute Quarterly, this is cause for celebration! I requested that the library purchase this publication, I spent time lobbying for it and kept records of how many times articles were requested from it. With this year's issues alone I can fulfill more than a dozen requests for articles that I had *just this week*. Add to that the fact that we are now the only library in Canada that holds this journal and that, to me, is what it's all about. Feel the love, people.

So while the "yikes what am I doing here" beast raises its head upon occasion, not so this week. This week....I.....AM....LIBRARIAN!!!

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