Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I tell you - it's a tough thing to get me to smile in a big way these days - especially on the way to work after a frenzied morning of getting kids ready for school. BUT, my friends at CFMU (yes, I've given up on Metro Morning recently - I'm soooo tired of all the talk of gun violence and oh how Toronto is getting screwed by the province etc. etc.) made my entire day today by playing for my (and others' no doubt) listening pleasure, nearly the entire Beach Boys album Endless Summer! Doesn't that album cover take you back?? Ah.... Oh, and how do I know *for sure* that it was Endless Summer? Well, I used to listen to that album relentlessly and today I just knew which songs were coming up next, even before they started. So yeah, I'm pretty much convinced. :) It was a perfect valentine's day gift for me, taking me straight back to summers at the cottage circa 1975/76 with the older "cooler" kids that used to bring their record players (yes, record players - not sound systems or even stereos - we're talkin' little suitcases here, people!) out to the picnic table and we'd all sing along. Even me, at 8 or 9 years old trying my best to fit in with the teenagers (soooo not succeeding, but they were all so great to play along and let me think I was) What a way to start a grey and dreary mid-February morning. Thanks for the memories CFMU, and for the smiles!

In other love-related news, here are some cool and often disturbing valentines from Seven Deadly Sinners - yours to enjoy for the last 4 hours of this overly marketed and hyped holiday!... ;)

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Ann said...

So...what does it mean when I laughed and enjoyed those disturbing Valentine's? LOL, great website!

Ann xo

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