Thursday, February 23, 2006

scary things in the news

Oh it was only a matter of time of course, and for those who voted this government in, I sincerely hope you're happy. Yes indeed, more spending for a more substantial military presence; more money for new military toys! Please don't worry about the environment, social programs or any of that nonsense, Stephen Harper. It's just way too important for our relatively neutral and supposedly peace-loving country to up the military ante. And it's just the beginning, my friends.

More scariness for you tonight in this article about overstepping your boundaries in a very huge way. It didn't happen here in Canada, but I am not so smug as to suggest that it couldn't. Because it very easily could. But kudos to the librarian who went to the wall for the patrons and their privacy. And I do love Mr. Pitts' take on the situation - well-said, with spine-tingling clarity.

In other librarian-related news, didn't my eldest child freak me out the other day when he told me that I am actually *not* a librarian. What did he mean? Well, while my mind raced trying to figure out how to explain to him that while the lack of a graduate degree means that I am in fact not technically-exactly a librarian, but, because I run a library in a large corporation I am generally referred to as the librarian and that I do the sorts of things that librarians do (do do that voodoo that you do so well yo) he cut me off saying "well, you're not a librarian because you don't stamp books all day and boring stuff like that". Egad. How is it that an 8-year old with a fairly hip and fly librarianesque mother figures that librarians just stamp books all day?! Have I taught the child nothing? Apparently. So. As he gazed out of the car window on the way home, I waxed eloquently about the things I'd been doing all day - the research, the helping people, the major projects, and on and on. There will be further discussions about librarians and their daily tasks in our home. Oh you can just bet on it. And part of me wants to show him this (which I saw on the Laughing Librarian's blog) but then that just might scar him for life - not to mention expose him to crappy music...heh... Oh but they used an "actual librarian"...and whispered in the stacks....nice. Y'all want your books stamped, honey?? lol

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Ann said...

How do we break it to your adorable son that we do not stamp books any more? LOL. ;-) It never ceases to amaze me how a child's mind works. I always associated research with librarians rather than signing books out but it's interesting to see what a child considers a librarian. I've always argued with people that I'm NOT a librarian because I don't have the extensive research training although some background experience from a few stints at the Hamilton Library Social Sciences/Children's/Picton reference desks. I consider you a Librarian so you have my vote. Me however....Library Assistant (minus the date stamp). LOL.

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