Monday, February 13, 2006

I no longer heart valentine's day....

...but I do heart my sweet little boys who worked so diligently on valentines for their classmates. Choosing the best ones for the best friends, making sure the ones for the girls just said "I like you" or "Have a Happy Valentine's Day" so there would be no misunderstandings lol - good heavens no - and of course, making sure that they have a card for everyone in the class, that no one gets left out. Also, sweet valentines for their teachers - always the biggest ones and always plastered with as many heart-shaped stickers as will fit. Excitement for the afternoon class parties tomorrow too, and as anyone can tell, my boys are *always* up for a party! ;)


Ann said...

Smart boys they are making sure the wording is just right on those girls' Valentine's cards. Hope they had a fun day with their class parties.

Any chance we can see some baby pics of the boys? I think it would be neat to see especially when I never knew them as wee ones.

Ann xo

e-Lizabeth said...

Hmmmm....well I'll do my best...but my kids pre-date digital photography - well, they pre-date affordable digital phototgraphy anyway lol - but I'll see what I can dig up! :)

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