Sunday, February 26, 2006

hello, city!

No matter how much fun I have up at the H farm, I must admit to getting far too excited when the car gets to about the Hwy 6 & 5 junction, and we start the descent from Clappison down to Hamilton. I usually say something gushy like "oooooh my city!" or "look boys! it's Hamilton! hurrah!" lol. Ah yes, a city girl I'll always be, and although I can truly appreciate the beauty and draw of the country and all (the stars were absolutely incredible last night in the cold clear sky) it just ain't where I want to be for the most part. But we did have SUCH a fantastic time, tobogganning, playing in snow and hanging out with the H family, I *almost* didn't want to come home. And had there been a Starbuck's or Winners within a 20km radius, I might not have...heh...

So. "The Man" shut me down on Friday. :( Which man? Why, THE man - the corporate man - made me shut down my blog. A new disclosure policy makes blogs illegal in my company, and while I kind of think it's cool that a whole new policy was brought in because of me (ok maybe not entirely due to me, but I like to think that) it's still pretty sucky that I'm no longer allowed to blog. I have put the word out to some other bloggers about my situation - maybe I can become a blogging martyr! Hmmm....must think how I can spin For now I'm mostly just sulking and feeling sorry for myself. I just think it was such a great way to breathe life into the place - people were reading it! People were finding out that hey, we have a library! And someone to run it! And she's kind of cool!, I wonder how they'd feel about podcasting?! heh... Maybe I can have a record number of policies created just because of me! How many before they'd just fire my ass, I wonder?? ;)


Ann said...

I agree with you on the city thoughts. It's nice being back to nature but I need the city for the activity. Great to hear you and the boys had a great time. :-)

That is SO disappointing to hear "the Man" shut you down. Total bummer. :-( It was such a great blog. I cannot understand their "logic" in their decision when it's promoting the library. *shakes head* "the Man" needs to get with the times.

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Anonymous said...

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