Thursday, February 16, 2006

for ann...

Alrighty my friend - here are my boyz - old school lol

on the left - this is Charles taking his first steps, Dec. 16th 1998. It was the whole "walk to daddy! walk to mummy! walk to daddy!" thing until the kid was probably exhausted. Ah yes, and you can bet that we didn't encourage the walking nearly as much with Max lol. Now, can you dig his groovy hair? The wonky eye has since been fixed lol - but there is no mistaking that million watt smile - totally Charles. [and that's our old house btw]

on the right - it's Max on his 2nd birthday - he got a set of clubs. Note that he has the putter in his hand, and yet he probably just drove the ball about 150 yards - the boy is a natural. It's funny to see that he doesn't look a lot different now, does he? Same round face lol - just the hair is a bit darker.

So - hard to believe, huh? These are the same little darlings that eat us out of house and home now lol. Just you wait... ;)

Snow day today, although it was a so NOT a snow day - more like a rain day - but I understand how the board needs to call the school closure early enough - and it *was* throwing ice pellets at 5am - so yeah, we had a nice albeit grey day.

Finally tonight, congratulations to my uncle-in-law on his extreme honour in Ottawa tomorrow morning. Here's another little blurb with a nice pic too! So, Chuck - what's next?! ;)

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Ann said...


Cuteness beyond words. I love the pictures and it's so cool to see the boys at that age, thanks for posting those. :-)

Congrats to Prof. Jago. He looks fantastic!


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