Friday, February 10, 2006

citius, altius, fortius

Let the games begin. And doesn't Canada usually clean UP at the winter olympics?? Okay, well maybe not clean up - but don't we normally do very well? I know the kids are excited for some of the fun and fast sports - as am I - speed skating, snowboarding, ski jumping... um...will pass on the ice dancing though...sheesh.... Check out the blog from CBC - very, very funny commentary. I didn't see the opening cermonies, so I can't comment - no doubt I'll see them over the weekend in bits. But I laughed at Pavarotti looking like a well-nourished Count Dracula in his cape. And I guess the Canadian Olympic team, in hats with flaps, can now officially claim insanity for any transgression of the law. Wow, maybe that will work for doping?! heh...

Off to watch The Curse of the Were-Rabbit now....ooooooh, scary kiddies!!

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Ann said...

I have to agree with you when it comes to the ice dancing. I was never able to "get into it". Three cheers for the luge as well. :-)

Ann xo

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