Sunday, February 26, 2006

hello, city!

No matter how much fun I have up at the H farm, I must admit to getting far too excited when the car gets to about the Hwy 6 & 5 junction, and we start the descent from Clappison down to Hamilton. I usually say something gushy like "oooooh my city!" or "look boys! it's Hamilton! hurrah!" lol. Ah yes, a city girl I'll always be, and although I can truly appreciate the beauty and draw of the country and all (the stars were absolutely incredible last night in the cold clear sky) it just ain't where I want to be for the most part. But we did have SUCH a fantastic time, tobogganning, playing in snow and hanging out with the H family, I *almost* didn't want to come home. And had there been a Starbuck's or Winners within a 20km radius, I might not have...heh...

So. "The Man" shut me down on Friday. :( Which man? Why, THE man - the corporate man - made me shut down my blog. A new disclosure policy makes blogs illegal in my company, and while I kind of think it's cool that a whole new policy was brought in because of me (ok maybe not entirely due to me, but I like to think that) it's still pretty sucky that I'm no longer allowed to blog. I have put the word out to some other bloggers about my situation - maybe I can become a blogging martyr! Hmmm....must think how I can spin For now I'm mostly just sulking and feeling sorry for myself. I just think it was such a great way to breathe life into the place - people were reading it! People were finding out that hey, we have a library! And someone to run it! And she's kind of cool!, I wonder how they'd feel about podcasting?! heh... Maybe I can have a record number of policies created just because of me! How many before they'd just fire my ass, I wonder?? ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

turning on the lights

I forgot to mention in my other post that....ta da! The site is new! Well, okay the template is new. It's green and springlike, and not as dark as the previous incarnation, which frankly was giving me a headache. So I hope you like the new blog (same as the old blog) just different colours, and a fresh approach.

scary things in the news

Oh it was only a matter of time of course, and for those who voted this government in, I sincerely hope you're happy. Yes indeed, more spending for a more substantial military presence; more money for new military toys! Please don't worry about the environment, social programs or any of that nonsense, Stephen Harper. It's just way too important for our relatively neutral and supposedly peace-loving country to up the military ante. And it's just the beginning, my friends.

More scariness for you tonight in this article about overstepping your boundaries in a very huge way. It didn't happen here in Canada, but I am not so smug as to suggest that it couldn't. Because it very easily could. But kudos to the librarian who went to the wall for the patrons and their privacy. And I do love Mr. Pitts' take on the situation - well-said, with spine-tingling clarity.

In other librarian-related news, didn't my eldest child freak me out the other day when he told me that I am actually *not* a librarian. What did he mean? Well, while my mind raced trying to figure out how to explain to him that while the lack of a graduate degree means that I am in fact not technically-exactly a librarian, but, because I run a library in a large corporation I am generally referred to as the librarian and that I do the sorts of things that librarians do (do do that voodoo that you do so well yo) he cut me off saying "well, you're not a librarian because you don't stamp books all day and boring stuff like that". Egad. How is it that an 8-year old with a fairly hip and fly librarianesque mother figures that librarians just stamp books all day?! Have I taught the child nothing? Apparently. So. As he gazed out of the car window on the way home, I waxed eloquently about the things I'd been doing all day - the research, the helping people, the major projects, and on and on. There will be further discussions about librarians and their daily tasks in our home. Oh you can just bet on it. And part of me wants to show him this (which I saw on the Laughing Librarian's blog) but then that just might scar him for life - not to mention expose him to crappy music...heh... Oh but they used an "actual librarian"...and whispered in the stacks....nice. Y'all want your books stamped, honey?? lol

Monday, February 20, 2006

canadian girls kick ass!

And to all those people who said that the team ought to take it easy on the other teams... *BIG RASPBERRIES* lol. Come on. Would the same sorts of things be said about the men's team?? Would people wring their hands and say "ooooh guys, come on, be nice, don't score so much, let them have a turn" ?? Doubtful. It's that whole "play nice, nice, girls" thing. They're not trying to pad the stats, they're playing hard - they played hard because it's the freaking Olympic games and sorry if that's just not what *nice* girls do. And sorry if they opened that big ol' can of whup-ass on...well...everyone... ;) Anyway, congrats to our hockey team. Y'all did us proud!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

for ann...

Alrighty my friend - here are my boyz - old school lol

on the left - this is Charles taking his first steps, Dec. 16th 1998. It was the whole "walk to daddy! walk to mummy! walk to daddy!" thing until the kid was probably exhausted. Ah yes, and you can bet that we didn't encourage the walking nearly as much with Max lol. Now, can you dig his groovy hair? The wonky eye has since been fixed lol - but there is no mistaking that million watt smile - totally Charles. [and that's our old house btw]

on the right - it's Max on his 2nd birthday - he got a set of clubs. Note that he has the putter in his hand, and yet he probably just drove the ball about 150 yards - the boy is a natural. It's funny to see that he doesn't look a lot different now, does he? Same round face lol - just the hair is a bit darker.

So - hard to believe, huh? These are the same little darlings that eat us out of house and home now lol. Just you wait... ;)

Snow day today, although it was a so NOT a snow day - more like a rain day - but I understand how the board needs to call the school closure early enough - and it *was* throwing ice pellets at 5am - so yeah, we had a nice albeit grey day.

Finally tonight, congratulations to my uncle-in-law on his extreme honour in Ottawa tomorrow morning. Here's another little blurb with a nice pic too! So, Chuck - what's next?! ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


...stop picking on Wayne. Let's focus instead on Mike Harris, shall we?? Just don't be dissing Wayne.

41 years ago today, our flag was first flown on Parliament Hill - a grand day, in my opinion - a country needs a flag of its own - not a hand-me-down one from some other nation. Puhlease. But, after the initial raising, it promptly went missing, that very first ever Canadian flag flown. Now here's the story of how it came back. Captain Canuck appears in honour of this occasion. (is it heritage day? flag day? do we call it anything?)

Unrelated yet very, very cool is this site for wicked mashups, something I seem to have acquired a taste for lately. Hmmm....could it be that I've always been about creating my own lyrics to others' tunes? I seriously think Charles and I could do some pretty solid mashups given half a chance!

And last but not least, February 15th is also the 40th birthday of my husband. Yep, the big 4-0 - and so happy birthday John. I love you - five. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I tell you - it's a tough thing to get me to smile in a big way these days - especially on the way to work after a frenzied morning of getting kids ready for school. BUT, my friends at CFMU (yes, I've given up on Metro Morning recently - I'm soooo tired of all the talk of gun violence and oh how Toronto is getting screwed by the province etc. etc.) made my entire day today by playing for my (and others' no doubt) listening pleasure, nearly the entire Beach Boys album Endless Summer! Doesn't that album cover take you back?? Ah.... Oh, and how do I know *for sure* that it was Endless Summer? Well, I used to listen to that album relentlessly and today I just knew which songs were coming up next, even before they started. So yeah, I'm pretty much convinced. :) It was a perfect valentine's day gift for me, taking me straight back to summers at the cottage circa 1975/76 with the older "cooler" kids that used to bring their record players (yes, record players - not sound systems or even stereos - we're talkin' little suitcases here, people!) out to the picnic table and we'd all sing along. Even me, at 8 or 9 years old trying my best to fit in with the teenagers (soooo not succeeding, but they were all so great to play along and let me think I was) What a way to start a grey and dreary mid-February morning. Thanks for the memories CFMU, and for the smiles!

In other love-related news, here are some cool and often disturbing valentines from Seven Deadly Sinners - yours to enjoy for the last 4 hours of this overly marketed and hyped holiday!... ;)

Monday, February 13, 2006

I no longer heart valentine's day....

...but I do heart my sweet little boys who worked so diligently on valentines for their classmates. Choosing the best ones for the best friends, making sure the ones for the girls just said "I like you" or "Have a Happy Valentine's Day" so there would be no misunderstandings lol - good heavens no - and of course, making sure that they have a card for everyone in the class, that no one gets left out. Also, sweet valentines for their teachers - always the biggest ones and always plastered with as many heart-shaped stickers as will fit. Excitement for the afternoon class parties tomorrow too, and as anyone can tell, my boys are *always* up for a party! ;)

Friday, February 10, 2006

citius, altius, fortius

Let the games begin. And doesn't Canada usually clean UP at the winter olympics?? Okay, well maybe not clean up - but don't we normally do very well? I know the kids are excited for some of the fun and fast sports - as am I - speed skating, snowboarding, ski jumping... um...will pass on the ice dancing though...sheesh.... Check out the blog from CBC - very, very funny commentary. I didn't see the opening cermonies, so I can't comment - no doubt I'll see them over the weekend in bits. But I laughed at Pavarotti looking like a well-nourished Count Dracula in his cape. And I guess the Canadian Olympic team, in hats with flaps, can now officially claim insanity for any transgression of the law. Wow, maybe that will work for doping?! heh...

Off to watch The Curse of the Were-Rabbit now....ooooooh, scary kiddies!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I will blog because...

e-L has chosen to come out of blogging hiding, if only for awhile. :) In the spirit of all those memes that are making their way around the blogworld, this one caught my eye. I think it's a fantastic way to get the blogging point across in libraries (near and dear to my own heart as you all know) but I decided to use this on a far more personal level, and list the reasons why I continue to blog, in spite of the state of my life right now. So...

I will blog because...

I need an outlet
I have something to say, and even if no one reads it, well that's ok
I can maintain a record of my thoughts and what's important to me at any given time -and I think that's important
I am always learning and I like to educate
There are so many fantastic bloggers out there to whom I owe huge debts for getting me started on this project in the first place. And although they'll never know me personally, or how they've inspired me, I feel an obligation to keep on keeping on, and aspire to even greater blogness

So. There we have it. And ok, since I'm already here, two more things that are worth mentioning. Firstly, RIP Betty Friedan. I'm not going to go on about the significance of the woman, her works speak for themselves. However, I do find it ironic, that in the same week, I also read this which is just beyond pathetic. Shame on you Julie Adam. This actually reminds of the big fight I had last year with Bell over their horribly sexist ad for Sympatico's view of the "inappropriate" female body. Now, don't get me started again...... heh....
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