Wednesday, December 28, 2005


One dozen chocolate-dipped GIGANTIC (and I mean freaking huge!) strawberries showed up at our door today, courtesy of my sister- and brother-in-law. What's the occasion, you ask? Well, Friday is our 10th anniversary, and that was their gift to us. Very, very sweet. :) Damned yummy too - and did I mention huge?? Thanks Ed and Mary Lynn! Want your own box of treats delivered to your door? Check out Edible Arrangements and drool away...

Oh! And one more thing.....I wish I'd found this for you all before Christmas, but oh it's just as jolly now... pimp my nutcracker Thank you :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

a child is born

December 24, 1997 - for unto us a child is born...

It's amazing the stuff that goes through your head when you're lying in hospital about to give birth. And not the regular sort of birth, with the pain and the yelling - an emergency birth, where the medical staff tell you that after having laboured for a couple of hours, that baby needs to come out - now - or else. I don't like to think about the "or else". But I told them at the time that they could pull him out of my nose if that's what it would take to get him out safely. Glad they didn't lol.

And so, at 3:37pm, Charles Hamilton made his appearance - a gorgeous little boy (It's a boy, Mrs. Walker, it's a boy...yep, more of the stuff going through the mind of a drugged up pregnant woman...) with a full head of dark brown hair. And no crying he made. I don't make this stuff up, he really didn't cry at all. But he was 7lbs 2oz of the most beautiful baby boy I had ever seen. And today he is the most beautiful 8-year old boy I've ever seen. He truly is a most amazing child with a unique outlook on the world and on life in general. His sensitivity and naivete, his sense of humour, his ability to "get" jokes that only adults with world experience are supposed to get - and so much more - these are the things that I find so fascinating about him. He is my baby boy. But he hates when I say that. :)

Happy Birthday Charles, my shining star.

And Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Okay, I've known this for years but it's cool to see it on McSweeney's recommends:

The Who's "Boris the Spider" as a children's song
You can kick "Free to Be You and Me" to the curb. "Boris the Spider"? That's the gig. Fun deep bass, catchy refrain—the kids go nuts with it.

The best part is the mention of "Free to Be You and Me" cos that whole thing with Marlo Thomas kinda creeped me out in about grade 2...especially the Mel Brooks/baby boy voice thingy....*shivers*

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I know I'm a little late with this, but it's been one of those weeks. I also find it difficult to collect my thoughts on the actual anniversary dates of emotional events - probably because I am so involved in the remembering - and it's nearly impossible to think clearly enough to write coherently. John Lennon's death affected me so deeply 25 years ago, and every year since. And every year I'm taken back to that morning when my alarm clock radio switched on and the first words I heard spoken were "John Lennon shot dead". :( Beyond sad. There were some amazing tributes to John's life and music this year; the CBC has some interesting stories, photos and video footage from the Montreal bed-in, in 1969. But one of the best musical tributes I heard was on CFMU. I'm assuming it was Emmett's show because that's when we were listening (as we were out driving from store to store, mall to mall doing some Christmas shopping) but as I didn't hear the whole Lennon tribute, and I never did hear the host speak, I can't say for sure. So hey Emmett, if you're reading, let me know! ;) Ah yes, doesn't everyone make a point of reading my blog on a daily basis?!? Uh huh.

I think that's it for tonight. :)

Friday, December 02, 2005


It's December! I'm a little freaked out - my time management skills are just NOT up to par it seems. It's the working fulltime thing, I know it. The weeks just fly, and then it's the weekend and we inch ever closer to the BIG DAY. Ah but it's fun, and the holiday season is great. Parties, visiting, festivity...never easy without Herb though, I have to admit. You do what you have to, life goes on - cliche - but true enough. Christmas will never be the same, but we still get the boxing nun out for old time's sake, but I'm a little bummed that dad's not around to see this offering from the world of religious toys!

And speaking of religious paraphenalia (is that what you call it, or is there a more reverent word for that stuff? hmmmm...) I recently found this site via Armchair News (one of the only personal blogs I read because it's really, really one else quotes McSweeney's, and I could go on about that site again, but I won't...for now) But anyway...goingjesus has about the most hilarious collection of stuff on the net - seriously - and just in time for the holidays, you must check out "Angels We Have Heard Are High" and "Cavalcade of Bad Nativities". Fa la la la la! Oh! And I nearly forgot the best part of the site (ok well the marshmallow holy family is *almost* the best part) but it's the t-shirts that REALLY are cool! WTFWJD? Oh it's too perfect!!!
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