Monday, November 07, 2005

why I love Jack Layton...

Oh just because lol ;) Actually, because of his speech to the Empire Club and that he's the smartest of the bunch right now and he just seems to "know" what he needs to do to make the PCs look like idiots (not that it takes much to do that lol) And yeah, I'm just feeling the need to be political in my amazing journey today. And that's ok.

So a few posts ago I talked about how blogging has taken on this awful tinge where people have turned the whole thing into pathetic whining and self-absorbed ramblings. And now I have examples.....mwahahaha.... and I read an article recently in Salon (I'd post it but it's one of those ones where you have to 'watch a brief ad' in order to read the piece, and I've already subjected readers to one article where registration was required, so just trust me on this...) and while I don't agree with everything it says, what I do agree with is the bit that says something along the lines of "when you're a celebrity the stakes are higher". And I totally agree. If you are famous and there are thousands of people reading your blog, I feel you have a responsibility to - at the very least - spell things correctly!!! See Pamela Anderson's blog for examples (good god if you can afford Louis Vuitton then freaking learn how to SPELL IT!! and sorry, but you're not fooling anyone Pam, with your favourite books). I also have to wonder about Melanie Griffith - what the hell is she on??? So while I think that Joe/Josephine Public is more than welcome to blog away about whatever he/she desires, ignoring all the rules for blog usability, spelling things incorrectly and just ranting in general, I think that anyone with a certified (certifiable?? lol) fan club owes it to their readers to write something a little more thought-provoking than "OMG did you see American Idol, can you believe that?" Celebrities want to be taken seriously, they want respect, and yet, when they post rubbish, it's nearly impossible. I know there are intelligent celebrity blogs out there and I'll find and post some - just wanted to share some of the crappiest examples for now so y'all know what I was on about. :)

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