Monday, November 14, 2005

monday, monday...

It's funny that it's nearly a week since I've posted. I was on quite the roll there for awhile, wasn't I? Well last week was a bit more hectic than most, and now I'm coming down after a fun-filled weekend. Weekends with friends are just SO great, but then sometimes when they're over, I get the pouts because I miss my friend (which makes me sound like Mercer Mayer's Little Critter "my friend is special") I'll get over it. :)

In other blogging news, my big plan to have a blog at work has been approved! I'm pretty excited, and I'm hoping to have it in place by Christmas. There are precious few corporate library blogs out there, so I'm excited to be an innovator. I really like the Industrial Librarian and there are a couple of others, but corporate libraries seem underrepresented to me. They could be intranet-based of course, depending on the company's web presence and all, but I think a public blog would be good for me. Especially since Stelco doesn't have much of an intranet. So that's my news for a Monday evening. :)

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