Wednesday, November 30, 2005

letting go...

So Charles walked to karate all by himself last week. Alone. Without me. Max and I had walked him about half way there earlier in the week, and that was tough. Then he announced the next time that he was ready to go on his own. And he is. But it's still hard to watch your little boy head out into the dusk all on his own. I was so proud of him, but there is always that nagging in the back of your head, all the "what ifs?" It's important though, I think, to let go. The letting go is hard, harder than I ever imagined, but it's SO necessary - the assertion of independence, of allowing your children to grow, to find themselves and be their own person is absolutely essential. But I don't have to like it.... ;)

And some letting go of another sort tonight too - I listened to Mary Lou Finlay's last broadcast of As it Happens, and honestly I have to say, I got a little choked up. I like that show - it's quirky but informative, often deeply emotional and always loads of fun. Mary Lou and Barbara are pretty amazing broadcasters, and I also liked Mary Lou on Live it Up - remember that show?!? Also quirky and fun - from CTV - go figure. The same people who brought you The Trouble with Tracy and Mad Dash lol. Check out the cool & swinging theme song and the story behind it! Probably my favourite theme song ever - although Definition's was mighty fine too. Check out Soul Bossa Nova on this album (all of which looks amazing and might need to be downloaded!)

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