Sunday, November 06, 2005

curtains make me happy...

SO happy. Lovely new panels for our sliding door from Pier 1 today, to go with our soon-to-be-new floor, that will be put down tomorrow. It's a whole new room, and very exciting indeed.

This is an interesting article, and one that I can totally get behind: Apparel Buyers Really, Really Like Search I've started using retail websites as the precursor to a shopping trip, actually, and I find it's pretty helpful to see items online first. According to the study, I'm not alone. I do this for kids' stuff as well as my own shopping. And here I thought I was being innovative and original. ;)

And once again, the fabuliscious Lipstick Librarian makes my entire day by offering this: Wanna Come Up and Check Out My Special Collection? Yet another of my fundraising/awareness raising ideas for the library stolen! ;) I actually preferred the library martini bar idea, like the Library Bar in NYC (sadly their website is MIA for some reason) but I'm not sure that dream will ever be realised at my new job. Maybe I'll some day become a consultant offering library makeovers. Oooooh or wouldn't that be a great new reality series, like Extreme Library Makeover! Can't you just SEE the ratings?!? Sure.... ;)

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