Thursday, October 27, 2005

who remembers their first time??

Ha, and minds out of the gutter please and thank you! I'm talking about the first time you performed a search using a search engine lol. SearchEngineWatch has a lovely little trip down memory lane where they're asking users of their forum to try to recall the very first search they ever did - for me, I can't remember the actual search terms (although given that I was at CCIW and in Interlibrary Loans at the time it likely had something to do with fish or water or wetlands or something) but what I *do* remember is that I used Mosaic to perform that search! Ah, good times...good times.... :) Oh and sorry for those of you who thought maybe things were finally going to get a little naughty on my blog haha...don't think I'm quite ready to go there yet... ;)

In other news I can't stop eating. Not sure what's going on there lol, but I've been ravenous lately. Driving me a bit nuts, if the truth be known. Well this too shall pass, I'm sure. Perhaps I should just enjoy the ride... ;)

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