Sunday, October 02, 2005

sittin' on the dock...

...of Laura's cottage! Ah, yes that's what I did pretty much all weekend. Nothing like a girls' weekend to give you a fresh perspective on life, family and all the important things. We had a lovely time as we always do when we're together. There are very few people that I can spend considerable amounts of time with and still be wanting more.

Strange emotions though, and I think just due to the time of year - leaves start falling, changes in the weather and I'm taken right back to fall 2003, the worst few months of my life. Just some spontaneous tears, not even sure where they came from. It shocked me, there is usually a trigger, something that I can point to and say "that set me off". This time I'm not sure - and I probably could figure it out eventually, but I honestly think I can accept the fact that there will always be something to trigger the flood of emotions & memories. And figuring it out - it's not like it would help to know - and it's not like I could stop it even if I wanted to. The emotions are good, they're healing and I welcome them.

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