Wednesday, October 26, 2005

peace and loss

Peaceful in here right now - the boys are asleep (well ok they're in bed) and John is out for the evening (due home in an hour or so) so it's just me and my tea for now. I learned today that one of my professors passed away this week. He was only 69, and truly one of the best profs I had during my undergraduate career at McMaster. The man lectured with zeal, passion and nearly always an ascot. :) He was one of a kind. I didn't know him well (History 3H06 was a gigantic lecture hall crammed full of RH fans) but a friend of mine did, and I am sadder for her loss.


And because I'm apparently turning into the biggest CBC groupie in the history of the station lol, I can't seem to go a day without blogging about something exciting that I learned on my way to or from work. Today is no exception, as Errol Nazareth (great name, fantastically smooth voice I could listen to him all day and wow I just had a look at his photo and mmmmm....he's hot!! lol) gave me something to add to my holiday gift list! Once Upon a Time in Wigan is ultra-cool and I'm soooo tempted to just go order it from HMV, but I'll refrain, as I need something on the list to give to John's family. lol. The play itself looks fantastic - interesting concept for sure and the music just rocks!!

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