Monday, October 24, 2005

musing on musedom...

Yesterday, on the way to pick up my mum to bring her over for supper, I caught part of an interview on CBC 1 with author Francine Prose, discussing her book The Lives of the Muses, and was completely enthralled, not only by her subject matter but also her style, wit and overall presentation. On the whole it was a sobering and fascinating discussion, but one thing that made me laugh right out loud, was her line (and I know I'll get this wrong but it went something like...) "feminism has largely destroyed musedom as a career choice..." Too funny, and as I drove I thought of how my life might have taken a different turn, had that career option been 'assigned' to me during the oh-so-useful exercise of career aptitude testing that went on in highschool. I can honestly see it "oh great, just as I suspected...Teacher, Dolphin Trainer, Firefighter and oh yes, Muse - how fabulous!" lol. Alas, I doubt that I will ever achieve musedom to the height of someone like Elizabeth Siddal or Lee Miller...although I do like to think I inspire John to do great things, even if I'm not Yoko.... :)
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