Tuesday, October 25, 2005


That's how I feel lately - I actually woke up singing that song this morning, so you KNOW water is on my mind! Will the rain ever stop? Yes, I know it's so much worse in other parts of North America (that Wilma really packed a punch) but the rain and the darkness is depressing. At least we gain our hour back this weekend, so I won't be leaving for work in the pitch black...of course I'll be coming home in the pitch black, won't I? Ah, but that's what you get for living in this part of the world, I guess.

And this next bit is for Ann and anyone else who enjoys CBC's Metro Morning. I was thinking a bit about what you said Ann (lol about an inhaler for Andy Barrie) and as much as I enjoy the show, it's really still Toronto radio, isn't it? What we need is the CBC in Hamilton. I know I've recently signed a petition to do just that - bring the CBC to Hamilton. And if you go here you can read a little bit more about the whole idea. And go here to add your name to the list if you think we need the CBC! Once again, as in many things, Hamilton is underrepresented, if not unrepresented. It's definitely time we had the CBC of our very own!

Gosh, I wonder if they'd need someone to run their library.....

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