Monday, October 31, 2005

be still my heart!

Oh I'm just so excited to learn that two of my favourite bloggers are going to be at the OLA Superconference in February!! Michael from Tame the Web and Jenny, the Shifted Librarian. Wow. I hope to go, but I'm not sure I'll get the green light - I mean so much of Superconference is SO not geared to special/corporate libraries, so I don't know that work would pay. I'd gladly pay my own way (conference geek for sure) but it's at the beginning of February, just as the Christmas bills start coming in at full force. But who knows -even a day would be good. And in case anyone is wondering "who the heck would pay to see a blogger??" bite your collective tongues, and please check out the blogs of these people - they write. And by write, I mean they actually write *content* on their blogs; it's not just daily ramblings, pity parties and froth - these people - and the other bloggers like them - are the ORIGINAL bloggers, and they're using their power for good and not for evil (or stupidity). I don't include myself in their midst, of course - my blog (if you've read this far you'll realize) is mostly personal, observational and humorous (well I think it is) but I also like to think a reader might actually learn something. I like to teach, to educate - not formally, but by osmosis, by exposure, to interesting stuff. When I read some of the blogs out there, I can (almost) see Michael Gorman's point about the blog people. But please DO NOT equate the rubbish blogs with the ones that provide amazing insight and intelligence.

Just a little soapboxing for a Hallowe'en night.... ;)


Ann said...


Sorry dear girl but I'm going to have to disagree with you here. I normally agree with your thoughts on things but I'm afraid not on this topic. Blogging should be whatever a person wishes it to be for them. Whether it be a place to be silly, funny, vent, create, inform, or educate whomever wishes to read their blog. However a person uses their blog it is their own way of expressing themselves. We all go about it in different ways as each of us is different. What is stupid, silly, or frothy blog content to others may be therapy for these bloggers. Not all of us can express creatively either. It can be quite the struggle for some people.

Whatever the content may be it should be what a blog was set out to be...our own.

Please note this isn't an angry comment but just my own thoughts. I totally respect what you say but I just don't agree. :-)


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