Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the librarian of steel....or....steelizabeth!

haha - well not exactly but wow, new job rocks! Of all places for e-L to end up, it's so funny it happened to be Stelco. I'm not sure how much I can say about this, but the fact that my dad worked there for 35 years and then for me to wind up there...well there's something there, I really think there is. The place is great though, in spite of the somewhat precarious position the grand old company finds itself in right now. The job is fun and BUSY which is so nice. Lots to do and lots to learn. Fulltime work takes some getting used to, no? I'm tired all the time lol - but I'm getting the hang of it. Just takes organisation and planning. Neither of which I'm very good at - but it's coming. The last real fulltime job I had was before Charles was born - so it's been over 7 years. Wow. Anyway, not that anyone is reading this, but I'm going to try to keep more up to date - for my own sanity if only...

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