Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Gather your wits and hold on fast, your mind must learn to roam...

Fitting, I think, that I should start publishing this blog with lines from Tommy. On Monday, one of my fave bloggers, The Lipstick Librarian, made reference to a previous post where she discusses some of her film influences. How tickled was I to read the comment at the very bottom of that post - how I missed these I have no idea! But then, I am a recent arrival to the world of blogging. Until now I have been a casual reader of blogs, but not a blogger of blogs. What has prompted me you ask? Bloglines - they just make it so darned easy to get those feeds! And reading inspiring blogs and news feeds creates inspiration. And, ah, well I've been the "guest blogger" for the BRAIN_blog since the beginning of April and I am loving it. An audience? For the things that I find interesting? Oh yeah....I'm so in!


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